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May 12, 2009


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I find it's all about simplicity (which roughly equals ease-of-use). Often it is a bunch of detailed knowledge, represented in a simple way, is what we want. The C-levels don't drill-down and down into the data. They just want some relevant, high-level information. Sales reps want the same thing too, just the basic information (going in and coming out) that can really help them. The differnce inbetween a "great" system and a "crapy" system is often not too significant. They're really very close. They both have the same data, but the presentation and easy-of-use is what makes all the difference. Ah, which brings this full circle, its all back to the hard to describe but easy to identify: "ease of use". I know a great wine when I taste it, but I could never order if off a list. Want a great configurator? www.cincomacquire.com

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