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April 24, 2009


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Sonia Roody

These social media platforms really important in keeping a company's bond with its clients and customers. Handling a lot of accounts in different platforms may improve your popularity at some rate. But if you're going to focus on one, you'll be able to boost your rep online faster.

Michele Longley, Head of Global Business Development, Pro-Link Global Inc

Thank you for this insightful take on social networking. New business development technology has changed over the years but the basic premise of good customer relationships will never change. I agree with your analysis that time is wasted by "watching the door" and not paying attention. There are so many social networking sites that one should choose what is most appropriate for your target audience, concentrate on that and give as much value as you can. The rewards will come - we all know in sales its a numbers game but its the quality of the numbers not the quantity that makes one truly successful.

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